We Treat You Like Family

At Coeur Vitality Family Medicine, we treat our patients with the same patience, thoroughness, and care as we do our own family. Every provider will work to align your treatments and preventative prescriptions with your goals, with your long-term wellness in mind.

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A better path to health

At Coeur Vitality Family Medicine, we believe that true health goes beyond a visit to the doctor- it comes from a potent combination of self care, with the help of a team of wellness professionals who are committed to helping you achieve your health goals.

  • Pediatric

    Navigating early years with every child can be a different journey filled with love, laughter, and its fair share of challenges. At Coeur Vitality Family Medicinewe are here for our families to help monitor appropriate growth and development, provide safety and anticipatory guidance, arm parents with tools to establish healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits, and assist through life’s little (or big) challenges!

  • Womens Health

    The super-power ability to grow another human being within our own, comes with some special care! Women have unique health needs, and have their own set of specific health liabilities. We are mindful at Coeur Vitality of the inherent health needs of each individual woman.

  • Mens Health

    Men have unique health needs requiring personalized health goals. We at Coeur Vitality Family Medicine are here to help our patients to set those individualized goals.

  • Geriatric

    As we age, our bodies and sometimes our minds can become more vulnerable. Aging bodies are frequently more susceptible to illness, and in addition they can be less resilient to invasive medical interventions.

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Dr. Burns is unmatched in how thorough and compassionate she is in her care. She ensures clarity with patients on both the situation, and the path forward. It has been incredibly comforting working with her; she’s one of the most trustworthy people to deal with, and regardless of the situation, always behaves with the utmost integrity. We’re grateful to have her as a doctor, and confident we’re receiving the best care we possibly can.

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we are here to help

You want to maximize your health- let the professionals at Coeur Vitality Family Medicine help guide you towards your wellness goals with personalized medical care, and available chiropractic, behavioral health, dietician, and health coaching!

Located in the heart of downtown Coeur d’Alene, Coeur Vitality unites the complementary visions of traditional, functional, and alternative medicine integrating many modalities to achieve better overall health while aiming to minimize prescription burdens and invasive medicine.

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